I no longer remember why I follow you. I think you changed your url. Perhaps it's because you are dutch and your edits are nice.

yeah I changed my url a lot in the last couple of years..

thank you :D

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I followed you for the Wade edits

then you’ve been here for a long time, my friend. thank you for sticking around and enduring my shit <3

i followed you because I was in desperate need of good The 100 blogs to follow :)

then you probably shouldn’t have followed me :’)

thank you tho <3

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I followed you because Fremione and the Phelps *sigh*

oh god sara that was so long ago :’)

i still miss those times sometimes…

tell me why you followed me

what are good blogs with good photoshop resource stuff?

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S4 best of: Deputy Jordan Parrish.

if you cant apply need you now by lady antebellum to your ship youre not shipping it right

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